Marketers increasingly understand that consumer decisions are often irrational, emotional and subconscious. A new generation of research tools, including behavioural economics, eye-tracking, implicit response measures, and facial coding can measure and illuminate these irrational drives. However, whilst there are many books on this subject, none cover all these techniques and the key theories in a way that helps marketers become neuroliterate. Decoding the Irrational Consumer equips marketers and researchers with an understanding of each neuromarketing tool, its relative strengths and weaknesses, and how to use it to generate consumer insights.

Decoding the Irrational Consumer demonstrates how to interpret data and turn it into actionable insights. It explains the pros and cons of each data-source, and when to use them. Finally, it explains when and how data from different sources can be combined. By reading this book, practitioners will have all the key conceptual and theoretical tools to take control of understanding subconscious responses. From briefing the data-processing people, to conferring with neuroscientists and technicians, they will be in the best position to glean practical insights from the data.

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