Neuro Content Optimisation

Welcome to my site. My work involves advising on improving content (ads, websites, product designs) using insights from neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics.

Here you can read a selection of my articles on these subjects. You can also read about my books, including a couple of excerpts.

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Insights from the mind sciences into how to create more effective designs. Useful for designers, marketers or anyone creating images for the web.



Why computers will never simulate the human brain

A summary of ‘The Relativistic Brain: How it works and why it cannot be simulated by a Turing Machine’, by Ronald Cicurel and Miguel A.L. Nicolelis “I strongly suspect our brains are analogue rather than digital. I think it would be rather surprising if it turned out... read more

Do artistic masterpieces really exist?

I was recently looking around Europe’s largest bookshop: Waterstones in Piccadilly, London. It’s a spacious, six-story old art-deco building, housing nearly a quarter-of a million books. Looking around a large real-life bookshop is an increasingly rare pleasure; so... read more

3 hidden neuroscience tricks behind Instagram’s new logo

3 hidden neuroscience tricks behind Instagram’s new logo Instagram, the photo sharing app, has launched a new logo. Early reactions are dividing fans, but I believe it will become well-loved in the long run as it uses some clever neuroscience tricks to appeal to our... read more