Neuro Content Optimisation

Welcome to my site. My work involves advising on improving content (ads, websites, product designs) using insights from neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics.

Here you can read a selection of my articles on these subjects. You can also read about my books, including a couple of excerpts.


Insights from the mind sciences into how to create more effective designs. Useful for designers, marketers or anyone creating images for the web.


AI and self knowledge

4 min read
One of the new apps that Apple are rumored to announce soon is their own Journalling app. I think this is not just because they have seen how popular journalling apps (like ‘Day One’) can be but I think it’s probably part of their overall health-tracking strategy. I.e. if you…
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A quick history of the evolution of Human intelligence

5 min read
The evolution of human intelligence is a captivating journey through time, revealing the myriad factors that have shaped our cognitive abilities. As we trace the development of our brains from early mammals adapting to survive in a world dominated by dinosaurs to the challenges faced by our hominid ancestors, we…
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The Origins of Positive Thinking

5 min read
The concept of positive thinking has long been a subject of discussion and has influenced countless lives. Throughout history, renowned authors and philosophers have emphasized the power of our thoughts in shaping our reality. In this blog, we explore the origins of positive thinking, the key figures involved, and the…
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