Having worked in the Neuromarketing industry since its inception (16 years), Darren was also a co-founder of two of the early pioneering companies: NeuroCo and The MindLab. With the industry still in its birth stages, Darren developed new techniques from scratch, combining different tools together eg neuro, bio, eye-tracking and psychological measures to provide a range of tailored solutions for areas such as advertising research to product development and public relations.

With the sale of NeuroCo to Silicon Valley start –up, NeuroFocus, in 2009, Darren then joined them as Lab Director Europe. Within days he was parachuted out to S. Korea to oversee the set up of NeuroFocus’ neurolab for a leading global consumer electronics company based in Seoul. Here he conducted an intense and varied programme of neuromarketing studies spanning all kind of innovation work on mobile phones, tablets, televisions and household appliances.

Over the next 5 years, during which NeuroFocus was acquired and integrated into Nielsen, he has ran scores of neuromarketing studies in over 20 countries throughout Europe and in Russia, Middle East and Asia for leading multi-nationals in FMCG, Beverages, Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail, Pharma, Media and Entertainment.

Taking a ‘hands-on’ approach, Darren has been involved at every stage of the business including client demonstrations, study design, project management, study execution and analysis, insight generation and presentation of results.

One of his main focuses has been to devise and implement improvement programmes around study design, data integrity and quality control to lift standards new industry levels.

Having since seen a flood of new suppliers offering neurological and biometric services across separate yet complimentary methodologies, Darren now works across methodologies and advises clients on how to optimise and improve their content based on the results from such research and findings from fields like neuroscience and behavioural economics.

Darren has degrees in Psychology and Psychological Research Methods, and has written books on Marketing, Decision-making and Memory. His latest book is ‘Decoding the Irrational Consumer’.

Darren’s Books

Darren’s books have been translated into several languages.