Some Reflections on Google Glass

Google Glass is a pair of spectacles with computer displays built into the lenses, and a tiny video camera built into the bridge. I’m sure Google would love the public to adopt them, en masse, as the new way of interacting with the Internet, as it would enable them to... read more

The post-PC era

Ever since personal computers appeared in the late 1970s, the trend has been towards greater personalisation and ease of use. To begin with, the innovations were slow to come. The graphical user interface, first popularised by apple, then Microsoft (with windows), and... read more

A new perspective on solving problems

I’ve been reading a very good book called ‘The Soutions Focus’ by Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow. Its basically a business book, but based around ideas from a form of therapy called solution-focused brief therapy. The basic idea is that of not... read more

Review of the Amazon Kindle

I love books, I read lots of them and tend to buy even more of them  (a disparity that is resulting in an ever increasing backlog of unread books!). There are physical aspects to books that I love. They are pleasing to hold, and they feel natural to hold and flick... read more

Review of ‘transcendent man’ (2011)

Transcendent man begins with a shot of travelling through space, stars wizzing past, heading towards a bright light. A voice-over begins to meditate on our mortality and how our acceptance of it is really just a form of denial. Death, claims the voice, represents a... read more

How to experience lucid dreaming

“The Tibetan Buddhists who have been practising the yoga of the dream state for 1000 years claim that you can change dream content in any imaginable way: that if it’s single you can make it multiple, if it’s hot you can make it cold, small, large and so on. They... read more

Five quick ways to survive information overload

Five quick ways to survive information overload It’s become a modern cliché, but we truly are suffering from information overload these days. Never before have we had to process, keep track of and make sense of so much data. Equally, we are faced with more sources of... read more

The ancient arts of memory improvement

“The main course was just being served in the massive, ancient Greek hall when the expansive ceiling collapsed, crushing every one of the many guests in their seats. Not a single attendee survived, except for the poet Simonides, who had left the room just before the... read more

The history of magic and the mind

Magic is undoubtedly an ancient art. The earliest reported magic trick (the ‘cup and balls’ trick) is almost 5,000 years old (2,700 BC) by Dedi in ancient Egypt. The same trick was performed over 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome. The cup and ball trick has been used... read more

Review of ‘You are not a gadget’ by Jaron Lanier

A few years ago the technology commentator Kevin Kelly published an interesting book called ‘New Rules for the new economy’ which argued that the internet has brought in new economic rules which trump the old foundation of our economy: scarcity. Through its ability to... read more