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Welcome to my page on Neuro Design.

Today, businesses of all sizes generate a great deal of creative graphical content, including websites, presentations, videos, and social media posts. Most big companies, including P&G, Coke, Tesco, and Google now use neuroscience research and theories to optimise their digital content. Neuro Design opens up this new world of neuromarketing design theories and recommendations to a more general audience.

‘Neuro Design’ will also describe insights from the growing field of neuroaesthetics and show how they can be applied to the most popular types of content that businesses create. The book will mainly be focused on describing these insights and how they can be applied to improve the engagement and profitability of sites. There will also be some description of several methods of neuro-research for testing websites, ads and general content, and how to use them, along with some real world case studies.