Neuro Content Optimisation

Welcome to my site. My work involves advising on improving content (ads, websites, product designs) using insights from neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics.

Here you can read a selection of my articles on these subjects. You can also read about my books, including a couple of excerpts.


Insights from the mind sciences into how to create more effective designs. Useful for designers, marketers or anyone creating images for the web.


Could the next Nintendo console have biometric sensors?

2 min read
Video games are big business, and Nintendo are one of the industry’s leading brands, yet they like to do things differently. Nintendo tend to make their games consoles a little more innovative than the competition. Whereas their competition adopts the fastest and most impressive microchip tech, Nintendo often use a…
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My top ten self-improvement books

6 min read
There are now thousands of self-improvement books out there, many of them just repeating the same ideas. Here are my top ten favourite books that I’ve read in this genre. Each one has practical techniques that actually work. Most of them also cover a distinct area (i.e. I haven’t picked…
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